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We're excited to present our next featured artist for our Fall 2022 - Friend's Don't Let Friends Eat Schwag Collection. He is a forever friend of the Hut and has been a fantastic partner to work with over the course of the past year. Here is a bit of info about our newest art homie:

"I am Don Leon Schuuring, 29 years old and living in the Netherlands. My illustration style is focused on bold and colorful cartoons, drawing inspiration from the old rubber hose style and traditional tattoos. I used to focus on the tattoo merchandise scene a lot, but drifted away to what suited me better as I am more of a positive, kind and funny sort of person. Cartoons and unrealistic things just speak to me better. I used to watch a lot of cartoons when I was young and still play a lot of video games. So there's an endless source of inspiration there, but most of my ideas randomly exist in my brain. I like to approach my work in a simple way, easily readable and with a relatable message. That is the key to connecting with my audience!"

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