Kettlebell Axe: High Speed, Low Drag Alternative to HIIT


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Build yourself into a Ferrari with Prius mileage.

Discover a method that makes the impossible come true.

Born decades ago, in a country that no longer exists, AXE used to be the exclusive domain of Soviet athletic elites. At last, it is here to take you to the next level in your sport of choice—or simply get you in the best shape of your life, and maybe even add years to it.

* Build muscle

* Boost power

* Lose fat

* Multiply work capacity

* Burst with energy

The “A” in “AXE” stands for “aerobic.”

The “X” refers to type IIX fast muscle fibers.

The “E” is for “exercise.”

AXE will install aerobic power infrastructure in your fast fibers.

While simultaneously making these fibers bigger and more powerful—the ancient conflict between strength and endurance finally resolved.

With AXE, you will sprint faster and hit harder—over and over—while producing less soul- and performance-crushing lactic acid.

Improve your health and boost your energy. A friend of the author, a military and federal law enforcement veteran who lived at the tip of the spear for four decades and has the mileage to show for it, said after starting AXE: “I feel 15–20 years younger.”

A Kettlebell Axe training session feels like a lumberjack’s labor: powerful, unrushed, relentless.

StrongFirst applied AXE to our go-to exercise, the kettlebell swing, and developed a bulletproof progression. Follow it two or three times a week and be unstoppable.

Do it as standalone training—just add your favorite upper body work—or combine it with almost any athletic training. (Note: The AXE swing protocol is not for beginners and this book does not teach kettlebell skills. Start with Kettlebell Simple & Sinister.)

Take a kettlebell AXE to your training and behold your power!


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